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Choose Wisely – As a Mother!


The Four Discipline  Relationships of Parenting

1.  Conditioning:  This stage typically takes place from birth to about six years of age, or the age when a child can begin to reason. In this stage the parent acts and the child reacts to the action of the parent.  Consistent repetitive actions  by the parent for specific things with the child conditions the child to react or respond in a certain way.

2.  Training:  This stage typically takes place from about six years of age until pre-teen years.  This is an intense teaching time.  The best way to train is to teach the child verbally, show the child by your actions  or role model with the child, and by doing whatever the necessary training is coming alongside the child and doing it with them.

3.  Coaching:  This stage typically takes place on or around the time the child becomes a teen and continues until they are an adult and typically out of their home.  During this stage, your role is to serve as a coach.  One definition of a coach is someone who helps another get from where they are to where they want to be.  That is your role during this stage.  You will help your child transition from child to adult.

4.  Friend: This stage typically takes place some time after the child enters adulthood.  The child moves from someone who you have had God-given authority over for teaching, correcting, rebuking and discipline and now the relationship between child and parent becomes a friendship.

If you are interested in more thoughts that support  the above approach to the various discipline stages in the parent and child relationship, check back for a detailed pamphlet the 1st  of March, 2013,  on The Four Discipline Relationships of Parenting, 


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