Challenging Women to Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely – As a Grandmother!

Twenty One Things to Pray for Your Grandchildren: 

I have a journal with all the names of our family:  parents, my husband and I’s brothers and sisters and their families, our children and spouses and grandchildren in it.  Each one has a page or more, dedicated specifically to them for the purpose of my written prayers.

The following twenty one requests, based on scriptures from God’s word, give me direction daily for my prayers for my grandchildren.

Satan is a wily character and he would like nothing better than to rob our family of it’s commitment to love and serve our God.

1.  Parents that love God.

2.  Parents that love each other.

3.  A tender heart to the things of God.

4.  Fear of the Lord so they have the foundation for wise living.

5.  Listen to their father’s instructions and do not forsake the teaching of their mothers.

6.  Do not give in to the enticment of sin.

7.  Respond favorably to rebuke from parents, grandparents and others spurred by love for God and his ways in their lives.

8.  Help them to choose and walk uprightly, so they may be victorious.

9.  Let love for God and others and faithfulness never leave them.

10.  Help them grow in all ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in favor with God and man.

11.  Shun evil

12.  Honor the Lord with their provisions.

13.  Don’t despise the Lord’s discipline as he disciplines those he loves.

14.  Make sound judgements and be discerning

15.  Live with confidence of the Lord’s goodness because of his character and not because of his chores

16. Do not withold good from others who deserve it, when they have power to act on that good for another.

17.  Do not be envious.

18.  Guard their hearts!

19.  Speak only truth.  No hint of deceit.  Honesty provides for the best emotional health.

20. Keep their eyes straight ahead, fixed on Jesus.

21.  Do not allow them to swerve to the right or the left. Make level paths for their feet.


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