Challenging Women to Choose Wisely


I like gifts! Gifts of all kinds! Through the years I have received many. I’ve received practical gifts, you know, the ironing board, the griddle, the mouse deterrent radar! I’ve received personal gifts, an extra $20.00 tucked into my purse, “Just for your use, do something for yourself,” someone says as they slip it there. I’ve received gifts of pleasure. A bouquet of flowers on my birthday or Mother’s Day, a special piece of jewelry on the wedding date of each of our daughters. Recently, I’ve received gifts of food, (it comes with age, you know.). Some of the most precious gifts are gifts made by someone I love with some specific family purpose, a hand crafted wall hanging with a favorite scripture, or a photo book or calendar of family.
One of the greatest gifts I have ever received was a gift given by God.   It  was the gift of “choice.” All of us are blessed to be recipients of that most awesome gift.  God could have made us like robots, with a computer for a brain that could only feed back only what was input. But he didn’t do that, he gave us a mind, and a heart and a will and with the three of those, he gave us the ability to choose. In the book of Joshua, we hear him challenge the people of the day, “Choose you this day, whom will you serve, as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
One of my favorite Bible stories that talks of choice is found in the book of Esther.  The story is about a young Jewish woman,  Hadassah, who had circumstance upon circumstance thrust upon her, thereby allowing her the opportunity to choose.   It’s a fascinating story as we see her choose the way to go.    It is because of  the magnitude of one of  Esther’s choices, that I have called this blog:  “At the End of the Scepter.”  The name is taken from the incident in the book of Esther, where in essence, Queen Esther must stand “at the end of the sceptre” and make a choice.  A very difficult choice.  A choice that will possibly make  not only a life and death decision for herself but possibly for her very own people, the Jews.  So as we read the story of Esther and study her life,  we might find that like Esther, we too have stood  “at the end of the sceptre”  and had to make a choice that could be a life or death situation.
Day in and day out we make choices, some not so important but some really important.  At some point,  each of us will have to make that most important choice of all ,  “Who will I serve?  Will I serve my own needs, desires and wants or will I choose to serve the Lord.”
It is my prayer for myself and you that  we rise to the challenge of choosing wisely!
Check  out  “The Story”  about my favorite woman who chooses well in the Bible.   At the end of the story you will read and be able to ponder those  things Esther did that guided her to choosing wisely for herself and her people.
Blessings!  Linda

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  1. Esther….a Brave lady making a very tough decision, but making a right decision and being blessed by doing so! OH YES, how I too love to read the book of Esther! Father give me courage, like Esther, to make right choices especially when it is so much easier to go another way!

    January 25, 2013 at 3:17 pm

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